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High Quality = High Responsibility

If I think back to the very first days of becoming apiercer in Germany, I was thrown into the cold water. After 3 days, my initial training was concluded and I was ‘let loose’ onto the public as a piercer. Needless to say, the studio itself as well as its management and level of care can only be described as appalling and I did not stay there for very long. The techniques, tools and jewellery used were as low quality wise as possible an

d the mere focus was on profit. Nonetheless, it opened the door for me to an industry and a world I had been passionate about the most part of my life.

Thankfully, this lies many years behind me now. Looking back, the differences in approach, the requirements I have towards providing piercing services nowadays and the deeper knowledge I have acquired through networking and attending international congresses, conferences and workshops could not be more different from each other.

To the eye of a layperson, it might often seem as if there is not much to it. “Piercing an ear or a nose? How much can there be to it? Put the needle through, put some jewellery in (something from the internet or the next high street shop will probably be fine) and that is pretty much it. Just hope for the best.”

Well, if you would have seen me working when I started years ago, one could have definitely assumed that. But nowadays there is definitely a sense of pride and satisfaction to the fact, that I can say with certainty, that the above statement could not b

e any more wrong. And while a lot that could be mentioned deals with topics such as ongoing education, implant grade metals and alloys such as ASTM F-136 or ASTM F-1295 Titanium or Niobium, cross-contamination, the intricate anatomy of the desired piercing area as well as legislation, an important benchmark for high quality piercing is the responsibility. The knowledge, that we are dealing with humans, each of them as unique as their history and their motivation to adorn their body. The humility that follows the realisation, that you are trusting us with your physical health and putting yourself in a vulnerable position. The appreciation of the energy and connection, that arises for this brief moment. And finally being able to share the joy once the piercing has been done and you can see how your appearance has been transformed - often not just in a physical way.

This is - next to all the theoretical background knowledge we are putting together just for this brief moment to create something truly unique - what it truly means to offer high quality services and we at Ronin Body Arts Ipswich are proud and humbled to be able to say that this is our commitment to you at any moment in time:

To create a safe, welcoming and professional space nourished by trust and dedication to provide you with the best experience possible.

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