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The Price and the Worth

When it comes to modern body piercing, prices vary from studio to studio. Sometimes so much, that it becomes hard to understand for the public, why seemingly same services can cost £15 in one studio and £50 or more in another studio while being in the same area or even just a few hundred yards away from each other. Ronin Body Arts does not make a secret out of being more expensive than what other studios might charge. In fact, we have carefully and consciously made the decision to establish the prices we charge. The first and most obvious reason is our overheads. With Ronin Body Arts striving to be accessible within minutes from all ends of the Ipswich town centre comes a cost. But not only things like rent, electricity, business rates etc add to our overheads.

  • All our most basic options are either internally threaded or threadless jewellery. Check our other blog post for more information on this. All those options are sourced from reputable manufacturers from all over the world with verified certification and quality assessment, ensuring that you only get jewellery from us that is suitable to be worn inside your body.

  • We continuously attend domestic as well as international workshops, courses, conferences and classes to be able to offer you the best possible service and information. A piercing studio is not just a place where people get piercings. It is also a place people go when they have questions, concerns or general inquiries and we pride ourselves in being able to answer all questions with easy to understand and proven information according to the highest standards.

  • All implements used during your piercing procedure are pre-sterilised or sterilised for your appointment and either single-use such as piercing needles, sterile gloves etc or are reprocessed (metal tools, clamps etc) adhering to the strictest guidelines involving procedures otherwise used in laboratories and hospitals. Apart from that we separate our waste while making sure that any potentially infectious waste created during any procedure is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Our gold and gemstone jewellery range stems from companies which make an effort to provide traceable and conflict free sources for their gold and gemstones.

  • Last but not least, after paying for all things that have to do with providing you with the absolute best service, we need to pay our staff accordingly.

All these factors contribute to the prices that we charge. Lowering our prices would mean cutting corners and that could have detrimental consequences for your health. We thoroughly believe in "buy cheap, buy twice" which is why we have made the promise to ourselves and to you that we will only use the best practices, best jewellery and best tools available while always making sure to never stop learning. This is why we have chosen the slogan "High Quality Body Piercing - Why settle for less?" . We believe you are worth it and want to be able to give you the peace of mind you deserve when you come to us to adorn your body.

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